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Alphonzo Glenn

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08/12/11 10:16 PM #1    

Cindy Meyer (Hjelmaa)


  All I can say, is OMG!  How I liked you so!  You were my Biology lab partner in 10th grade.  I remember when you took a test from our teacher, Mr. ????? and I helped you cheat on the oral test.  You were having trouble coming up with the right answer, and I (from across the room) starting pretending that I was playing cards....since the correct answer to what you were being quizzed on was "paracardiam" (sp?) or something like that.  You looked over at me, saw my hand gestures and came up with the correct answer to the teacher.  Funny how I remember that, funny how as a was the only time that I can honestly remember ever cheating on a test- and it was for you.  You made fun of me when I sprayed our lab frog that we had to disect with perfume, and we later used over 100 straight pins to secure a specimen.  You hated doing all of those experiments as much as I did!  You were a dear friend and when all of the race issues came up at Mt. Tahoma during our sophomore year, you never waivered in your friendship of me.  

Cindy Meyer (CJ Hjelmaa)


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